İstanbul Crystal Museum

Opened at Miniatürk by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kültür A.Ş. and exhibited at the Crystal Museum of Istanbul, the 16 precious historical artefacts are shown in a crystal glass in 3D via a special method of laser.

Processing a 3D picture by laser in crystalline is a technology that attracts as much attention in the rest of the world as in Turkey. The glass that is used in the Crystal Museum of Istanbul features the largest crystalline glass into which a picture is processed by laser. The glass is homogenous and contains 24% crystalline, is therefore easily seen behind the glass. This kind of glass is particularly used for the space technology.

The crystalline is exhibited in a dim environment supported with LED lights at the bottom to ensure that the historical beauties are reflected to a greater excellence. The silent motor system deployed at the bottom of the works makes sure the figures change colours every five seconds.

You are most welcome at Miniature Park of Turkey at the Miniature to see the crystalline versions of state-of-the-art versions of Galata Tower, Blue Mosque, Fatih Mosque, Haydarpaşa Railway Station, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Building, Istanbul University, the Maiden's Tower, St. Antoine Church, Topkapı Palace, Eyüp Sultan Mosque, and Rumelian Fortress.