The Miniature Girl Jyoti Amge at the Miniatürk

Tarih : 29.05.2013

Hitting the Guinness Records Book for the "Smallest Woman of the World" for 62.8 cm, the 19 year old Indian young girl Jyoti Amge visited the Miniatürk.

While seeing the 1/25 rate models of the selected architectural works of Turkey and Islamic geographies exhibited at the Miniatürk, Jyoti Amge felt as if wandering in a city designed especially for her.

After having been announced as the ‘‘Smallest Woman of the World’’, Jyoti Amge attracted a great attention from media and was involved in an election campaign of a political party in India last year. In her statement given after she hit the Guinness Records Books in 2011, Jyoti Amge said that her biggest dream was to act in Bollywood films.

The Indian young girl Jyoti Amge seemed very happy wandering among the miniature models just suitable for her length at the Miniatürk, and smiled at other visitors that showed interest in her.