Miniatürk Panoramic Victory Museum

Miniatürk Panorama Museum of History was opened as a gift to our national memory in the 80th anniversary of the establishment of Republic on December 25, 2003.

We read and learned about the war from the books, however you are in a very close distance from it as if you can touch by the reach of the hand. You do not only watch the national straggle from the fronts at the Museum of Victory but also bear witness to the daily life beyond the fronts, via the models supported by audio and light effects.

Museum of Victory reveals the war that is won on the one hand, and assumes a substantially significant teaching function on the other hand.

The selected scenes from the War of Gallipoli and War of Independence pictures on the background, 3D models integrated with audio and sound elements offer a vivid composition. In this way, significant parts of the history create a venue as if a time tunnel.

The Museum of Victory reveals the recent history of our Republic with a panoramic reality, and one can also see the photographs of Atatürk.  Atatürk's sentences that guided the history and the future are also available at the exhibition.