Miniatürk Beltur Restaurant

Situated by the coast of the golden Horn, and enjoying world's largest model site, Miniatürk is run by Kültür A.Ş.

Beltur A.Ş. Restaurant & Cafeteria at the Miniatürk Park is the home for your events and organisations.

It has a capacity for 500 invitees in outdoor space in summer and 300 invitees in indoor space in winter. Beltur A.Ş. restaurant is the home for wedding ceremonies, engagement ceremonies, barbeque parties, company meetings, breakfast & brunch organisations in addition to provision of services to groups of students and domestic and foreign tourists that come to visit the open air museum.

Please visit for details information.

Beltur Restoran/Cafe Phone: 0212 210 53 56

Beltur: 0212 444 6 644